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Do you have a hard time deciding what to eat everyday? Don’t know how to meal plan? Have a hard time putting together grocery lists? I make it easy with new plant-based meal plans with the everything-you-need grocery lists every single week.

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Are you all over the place with what you eat day-to-day? Get my weekly plant-based meal plan & grocery list!

My weekly plant-based meal plans will give you the plan you need to eat healthier throughout the week. Every week you’ll get a detailed 5-day meal plan with easy-to-make meals and recipes. You’ll also get a grocery list that has everything you need to make each item on the meal plan.

Coming June 1st. Make sure you get on my email list to get the details.



I help millennial women take control of their health through holistic nutrition, intuitive exercise and sustainable behavior change so they can live their like to the absolute fullest.


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Whether you just need help to make a plan and take action, or are looking for support to make big changes, I’m here to support you. I’m your #1 fan already!



A gold mine of recipes, must-have kitchen tools, my favorite books & cookbooks and useful guides including a printable grocery list!


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