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Weekly plant-based meal plans

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get organized, get healthy, and become a meal planning pro

  • Eat healthier by cooking easy & nutritious meals at home

  • Take the guesswork out of meal planning

  • Save time with my everything-you-need grocery lists

  • Save money by only buying what you need

  • Stop wasting food you don’t use

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How does the membership work?

Glad you asked! On May 31st I’ll be opening up the members-only page with the first 5-day meal plan and everything-you-need grocery list. To get access to the page, you’ll have to create an account and purchase the meal plan membership subscription. The meal plan membership subscription is just $5 a week. Every Friday evening, I’ll be updating the page with the next week’s meal plan. Why every Friday? Because I understand that most of the time, the weekend is the time to grocery shop! But if you shop on a different day, don’t worry - I’ll leave each 5-day meal plan up for 2 weeks so you don’t miss a thing.

What does plant-based mean?

After several years of trying many modified diets, studying nutrition, and food preparation I’ve committed to a plant-based diet. All meal plans will be free from animal protein including diary and eggs. That said, there are always easy swap-outs and animal protein additions you can make on your own! 

Will this help me save money?

I sure think so. I spend an average of $150-175 a week on groceries for myself and my Cody. That gets us at least lunch and dinner five days a week. That figure can fluctuate depending on if I include seafood options for Cody. And if you have a week’s worth of healthy and tasty meals to look forward to, I’m sure you’ll be dining-out or ordering-in less, which is sure to benefit your bank account.

Will this save me time?

Meal plans will definitely save you time on meal planning and recipe selection and I hope my department-sorted grocery lists help you zip right through the grocery store. If you decide to do all of your meal prep in one day, it might feel like it takes awhile, but then again, you won’t be spending hardly any time in the kitchen for the rest of the week with all of your meals prepped.

Will this help me lose weight?

Meal planning has huge benefits for those wanting to lose weight. That said, it is truly my belief that each person has unique needs and therefore requires a custom meal plan to assist with healthful weight loss. If you are interested in how a custom meal plan can help you reach your health goals, please consider reaching out to me to set up a call to talk further. My most successful clients have undergone holistic health coaching with me, where we address not only nutrition, but also fitness and behavioral lifestyle changes to tackle any health goal. 

How many servings per meal can be expected?

Each recipe serves between 2-4 on average, leaving plenty of options for leftovers. You can easily half, double or even triple any recipe in the meal plan. Just be sure to account for that on your grocery list! 

Can you help me with custom meal planning?

YES! I love to help people find the best meal planning strategies to accomplish their goals whether it be weight loss, eating plant-based, consuming less processed food, cooking more at-home meals and eating out less. I also help with another huge piece of the equation - helping you stay accountable to your health goals. See below!


Want custom meal planning?

we can work 1:1 to set up the perfect meal plan for your goals


Get customized meal plans based on:

Your unique health goals

Food intolerances or allergies

Your unique lifestyle

You’ll also receive:

Custom everything-you-need grocery list

Weekly check-ins with me

Easy swap-outs and substitutions

Meal prep support


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