3 Holiday Tips from a Health Coach

The holiday season is in full swing!

Think you have to let your healthy habits take a back seat for the next two months? Think again. Believe it or not, it is possible to enjoy the holiday bounties without overindulging or getting off track with your health goals.

Here are my top three health tips to help you healthfully navigate the Holiday Season:

Enjoy yourself! Foods and beverages of all kinds are a staple of holiday and family gatherings. Please don’t deprive yourself this holiday season. Not only is it not fun, but you run the risk of breaking down later and over-indulging after the festivities are all over. Here are some ideas to help you stay on balance:

  • Fill up on protein-heavy foods and be selective with your side dishes

  • If all the desserts are calling your name, take a little sample of each

  • If the wine is endlessly flowing, have a full glass of water between each pour

Offer to bring something. Yes it involves some preparation, but it’s the best way to ensure there’s going to be something you can enjoy at any particular holiday or family gathering. Get creative. You may have an opportunity to share a healthy recipe with your family! Here are some of my favorite holiday dishes -

Let go of any guilt. Don’t let friends or family guilt you into eating anything you don’t want to eat or drink. Family members may have their feelings hurt, but they should respect your decision to make decisions regarding your health. Be ready for push back. So many times I’ve experienced negative back lash to my own personal eating choices because it creates an uncomfortable situation for the other people involved, often causing them to think about their own diet choices and eating habits. As long as you’re not telling other people what to do or how to eat, what you eat is up to you.

I hope you find these helpful and that you have the most wonderful holiday season!

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