What The Heck is Lagree Fitness?

Lagree Fitness - The latest workout craze

It’s true - Sofia Vergara and Meghan Markle are obsessed with the results they get from the Megaformer and Lagree Fitness method. If you’re like me when I first heard about this, and your first thought is, “the mega-WHAT?” here’s what you need to know:

Developed by Sebastian Lagree, both the Megaformer (the machine used) and the exercises done on the Megaformer are truly different and effective. The combination of the method and the machine creates a high-intensity AND low-impact method for total-body conditioning.

The method utilizes 5 key elements to reach effective muscle stimulation (think: muscles on fire):

  • Resistance - using spring resistance, which is variable and allows for peak muscle contraction, reduces stress on the joints and connective tissue.

  • Range of motion - focus on form and each movement is kept within the range of motion that targets the specific muscle or group of muscles.

  • Angle - the equipment is adjustable to allow for training at different angles to help recruit different muscle groups.

  • Tempo - the method utilizes slow and controlled movements. None of the movements are performed using momentum. When working with and against resistance slowly, the tension on muscles stays constant, recruiting more muscle fibers. Slow and controlled movements activate the slow-twitch fat-burning muscle fibers.

  • Duration - each set is performed for at least 60 seconds to stimulate both the fast and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Transitions are kept to a minimum to keep the muscles working and the heart rate up.

The machine looks a bit like a torture device, but it provides the foundation needed to move through every exercise while constantly engaging your core. Every exercise is performed using variable spring tension, mentioned above, which means springs will support the muscles when the exercise is the most difficult, and create more resistance where the body is most resilient. So what's the difference between spring tension and lifting weights? If you think about a 10lb dumbbell, the weight of that dumbbell doesn't change as you perform a bicep curl. Using varied spring tension, the weight, or tension will increase as you curl in your fist, following the strength curve of your bicep muscle. 

The science behind the machine and method make every class an insanely efficient workout. Classes range from 40-50 minutes and you will work hard the entire time staying constantly focused on core strength, safe alignment and a slow, safe pace. 

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Resistance training is a crazy effective way to torch calories and build muscle, which burns more calories when you’re at rest, or not working out. Don’t worry if you’ve never done resistance training or lifted weights, because you CAN do this workout. Instructors, like myself, will guide you through the entire workout and offer modifications for almost every move. And if you’re a regular at weight room, this will still challenge you like nothing else, I promise.

There are Lagree studios all over the US and you can locate them using the Lagree FItness site. My home studio, The Pursuit, has locations in Kirkland and Bellevue. If you want to catch me at a class check out the online schedule. The Pursuit is open for ClassPassers too! There are only ten Megaformers available per class, which makes the experience feel so much more personal, but it also means that space is limited, so be sure to book your mega ahead of time.

Sweat on, good people! 💦