Is Carbonated Water Hydrating?

Shout-out to my fellow La Croix-aholics!

I'm always trying to drink more water to stay hydrated, so I wondered if drinking carbonated, or bubbly water, contributed at all to my daily water intake. As I started researching, I found there is a lot of misconceptions about carbonated beverages, so let's break it down. 


There are several kinds of carbonated water:

  • Seltzer water, or sparkling water, is water that has been artificially carbonated and has NO added salts.

  • Club soda is water with added carbonation AND mineral-like ingredients.

  • Sparking mineral water is water that comes from natural springs and contains minerals like salt and sulfur compounds. Some brands like San Pellegrino also have additional carbonation.

  • Tonic water is a carbonated water beverage that has a distinct flavor from the added quinine, sugar, or a sugar derivative, and citric acid. Think: gin and tonic.

But what about all of the bad things listed about carbonated water on the internet? There are several articles that claim carbonated water can strip the enamel from your teeth and leach calcium from your bones. Both claims aren't supported with clinical research. However, it is important to note that I am only referring to plain seltzer and sparkling water. There is a connection between carbonated cola drinks (soda) and low bone mineral density. Though slightly acidic, seltzer water measures much less acidic compared to cola and fruit juices. 

So what about the hydrating qualities of carbonated waters? Technically, carbonated water is just as hydrating as a good old glass of water. However, sipping on soda water fills the body with it's carbonation, or gas, and can cause you to feel fuller than you are and might actually cause you to drink less. Those bubbles can also cause bloating to the stomach and cause you to release the gas through burping, or less pleasantly through passing gas. 

Bottom line, seltzer waters and sparkling water can quench your thirst. They are also less acidic than you think, but don't use it as mouth wash. To keep your body fully hydrated, try drinking a full glass of water before sipping on a bubbly option.