The Best Store-bought Vegan Salad Dressings

Dressings make or break salads. I typically make homemade dressings at home, but let’s be real, that doesn’t happen all the time.

We eat a lot of salads and they are my favorite menu item to bring to potlucks and gatherings. When I don’t feel like making a big batch of dressing, I’m on the go, or if I’m out of a key ingredient, these are the store-bought dressings I go to:


Annie's Goddess Dressing This is always my go-to. It's pretty versatile and can be paired with spinach, romaine, green leaf, or butter lettuce. It goes great with toppings like garbanzo beans, avocado, cucumber and sunflower seeds.

Annie’s Honey Mustard Vinaigrette I tried this one recently and WOW, it is awesome. You know I used to not like mustard? I’ve started to acquire a taste for lite mustard flavors and this dressing pairs it perfectly with a balance of honey for the hint of sweetness to balance out the bitter. This dressing is extremely versatile. I often use it as a dipping sauce for cut up veggies like carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, and cucumbers.

PCC’s own Vegan Caesar Dressing Sorry - this one is only available at PCC, a Seattle-based grocery co-op with several locations around the metro area. They really have nailed the Caesar flavor without the anchovies. I don’t shop at PCC on a regular basis, but when I want to make a crisp Caesar salad and don’t make the dressing myself, this is the best option.

Brianna's Poppy Seed Dressing I discovered this in my non-vegan days and was thrilled to find out this is one of their vegan-friendly dressings. It is a sweeter dressing that pairs well with pecans, walnuts and sliced pears or apples. 

Annie's Asian Sesame Dressing This is a lighter dressing that's perfect over shredded cabbage or spring salad mix. It goes great with edamame, cilantro, mandarin oranges and sesame sticks.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Ranch You can't even tell that it's vegan. This is another really versatile dressing that you can use on salads or use as a dip for fresh cut veggies. It's not my thing personally, but if you're a ranch-dipping pizza kind of person it's perfect for that too.

Do you have any favorite dressings I should know about? Share the love and let me know!