are you eating random, unplanned meals everyday?

Do you go to the grocery store multiple times a week?

How often do you eat out, order in or have food delivery?

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  1. A 5-day plant-based meal plan full of delicious, easy-to-make and nutritious meals and recipes. You’ll also receive the nutrition information for every single item!

  2. An everything-you-need grocery list, so you can easily shop the things you need, and forget about the things you don’t. It’s printable too!

  3. Meal preparation tips. With my plan, you don’t have to make everything at once. I’ll show you how to save time prepping and cooking throughout the week, saving you both time and energy.


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Here’s what others are saying about the meal plan:

I really like the order of the meal plan, but also like that I can go out of order based on what sounds good. It is so nice to not have to plan!
— ShaeLee R.
I am loving all of these meals!
— Cody T.
Omgosh I LOVE peanut baked tempeh!
— Karine P.

For less than the price of a weekly grande latte, you can get a healthy, easy and delicious plant-based meal plan PLUS a grocery list with everything you need!